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136 thoughts on “Reports & Comments

  1. Dave Eilers,, 8047243811. Hi guys, I’m moving to FL. very soon. I have a lot of fishing equipment for sale. Penn reals 320 & 330 with uggle stick rods, heavy lead weights. Umbrella rigs. Many trolling lures for rockfish. Also many light spinning reals and rods. Lures for spanish mackeral. Contact me if interested, I live in Wicomico Church area.

  2. Hello. Where members would suggest for chuming cobia on eel this days, closer to Reedvile? How to find the spot.? I am novice to the bay fishing. Thank you!!!!

  3. Commercial guys:
    I found a New Yellow Buoy floating free in Henry’s Creek (off Indian Creek). If missing, shoot me an email with your contact information and the commercial numbers that are on your buoys and I’ll be happy to deliver it back (as long as it didn’t come from Tangier or the Eastern Shore!)

    I’ll also bring it to the meeting on 5/22.

  4. Tom,
    Sorry for the tardy reply! My gauges are shot on the old Maverick I bought recently. Purchased new/used gauges and need to get those and the fuel gauge required.

  5. Look forward to seeing everyone next month!

    I’m in need of a mobile electronics person to help with a couple of small projects that I’m not comfortable tackling myself.
    Boats are located in Kilmarnock area. Anyone have any recommendations?

  6. Hey Jeff, welcome to the club. Its great to have you aboard. I am Tom Hedgpeth, VP for NNAC. Thanks for sharing the info. Sounds like you got ’em figured out. All the info I have also points to cut channel now for mostly schoolies with some hawgs mixed in. Small tandem baits seem to be the ticket as you mentioned. Gannets are the giveaway. You find them feeding and its game on. I like jigging under birds. StingSilvers work best for me. If you can get those jigs under the schoolies you can find some nice fish. I am based out of Smith Point Area. I am not shy to venture down to the cut channel or head north as far as Drum Point or above and the Potomac. I run a 28′ Triton Center Console twin 250 Verados. My call sign is Dawn’s Call. I typically monitor channels 6 & 68. Hail me anytime. If you would like to share pics with the club, please email them to the club email address and I will post them on the site and Ben will put them on the Facebook page. We are always looking for member pics. Look forward to meeting you in person. – Tom

  7. Good evening guys (and gals). I’m new to the group (thanks Ben!) and just wanted to introduce myself. I live in Richmond, but also have a place in Kilmarnock off Henry’s/Indian Creek. I currently run a Judge 36 (Quarantine), that’s navy blue. I rec fish a lot with friends and typically spent 2-3 days a week on the water from WMP to SPL and over to Tangier and the target ships.

    We’re currently having a lot of success on rocks with 2-4oz tandem whites in the shallows around Windmill. Go bigger 10-16oz when fishing the cut channel. Both are producing. We’ve also had success jigging 1.5oz jig heads with white, pink, chartreuse 6” paddle tail shads.

    I’ll share some pics when I figure out the hosting aspect of this site. Tight lines all and be safe! Give me a shout on 68 if you see me out there. Happy to share.

  8. Bob – Thanks for the heads up on Specs and Puppy Drum. October & November tournaments include Specs and Puppy Drum in addition to Striped Bass. We will consider your recommendation to adding them to September tournament next year.

  9. speckled (spotted) trout and puppy drum fishing is “on fire” in local creeks on moving tides.
    Would like to see specs as a tourney species Sept., Oct.,& year!

  10. Warren I am happy to hear you were able to take away a useful tip from the club meeting. The club goal is to share tips and techniques used by local anglers that could help each other improve their fishing experiences. Thanks for the feedback — Tom

  11. This morning I tried the 5 gallon bucket tip from the July meeting. Not only do the majority of the macks spit the spoon it also kept the boat much cleaner and another helpful feature is my bucket is 16 in tall so when the fish is as tall or taller than the inside of the bucket they are well beyond the legal 14 in limit. No need to lay it on a tape and dirty the boat great tip Thank You.

  12. Fishing tackle yard sale Saturday, August 14 at 7:30 AM at 465 Sculling Oar Drive, Kilmarnock VA.For information contact Bob Reed 804-435-9785.

  13. We had a recent question about spawning period for Cobia. It’s true they do come to the Chesapeake Bay to spawn. It basically takes place in late June through August. A question was regarding the slow down in fishing activity in late July through August due to the spawn. Oh that seems to be very true. That doesn’t mean they aren’t out there and it doesn’t mean they won’t bite. But it does seem a little slow compared to the months of June and early July. Be patient, keep fishing right up until mid September.

  14. I’ve heard that there is a slow down in Cobia catches for a couple of weeks in early July when they lose their appetites to complete their spawning activity. Is this accurate?

  15. Caught a couple of Macks today. South of the asphalt pile reef. One on a gold drone and one on silver. Out for five hours but encouraged that they’re starting to come this far north. Beautiful day on the water in any event. Saw a couple pods of dolphin as well. All in all a good day.

  16. Hello Members – Taking some visitors from North Carolina Fishing tomorrow, Friday, May 21. — —
    Should I go North out of GW to Potomac….or South into Rappahanock? Any reports…This is my first time out this year..

  17. Fished the Potomac River on May 7 8:30 – 2:00. Trolled 15 rods in the area between Buoy #9 and the gas docks near Ragged Point. Conditions were excellent. Slight breeze. Sunshine for most of the time with slight chop. However, not a single bite. Some fish in the 38″+ range have been caught in this area. They are few and far between.

    There are rumors flying around that Cobia heading this way. Rumors have it Cobia are being caught now in the Outer Banks. Won’t be long.

  18. There are plenty of Rockfish being caught between Smith Point Light and just south of the mouth of the Great Wicomico. Unfortunately, keepers are few and far between. Larger fish are showing up a little farther south. Fish in the 25 – 30″ range are being caught near or in the cut channel. Trolling smaller baits are the ticket for these keepers. Some rumors indicate that larger fish have been reported in the Eastern shore area. However, this has not been validated.

  19. Fished the Virginia waters of the bay on 11/21/2020 in a triangular area made up of Tangier Island, Smith Point Light and Great Wicomico . We jigged using Stingsilvers under birds and over schools of feeding rockfish. We caught several rockfish between 18″ and 23″. We ended the day with 2 fish over 4 lbs. The larger fish seemed to be on the southern end of the triangle (GW). However, the fish seemed to be everywhere. Just look for birds feeding and follow them unless you are pulling up 12″ fish then just move to another school. You can use your electronics to differentiate the schools with bigger fish from the ones with smaller fish.

  20. November is an excellent time for targeting big cold water Rockfish. Recent reports are showing lots of juvenile rockfish. However it appears that the size of fish is picking up. Watch your electronics for schooling fish or look for birds. The birds are doing the same thing you are looking for schools of fish. However, birds eyes are much better than any electronics so always go where the birds are. Techniques used now are trolling smaller baits in deeper water. Killer Bee baits seem to work the best. Live lining spot is also producing nice fish around structure such as oyster beds or the reefs. Probably the most exciting technique which is starting to gain momentum is jigging schools of fish, the reefs or under working birds. Stingsilvers are working the best when jigging. Good luck!

  21. I fished the Little Wicomico Jetty today with a fellow member James Morgan in preparation for the upcoming Octoberfest Tournament. We fished the incoming tide which was swift. Wind was out of the south southwest at about 8 mph. We caught 2 juvenile Rockfish, 2 juvenile Reds, 1 18″ Speckled Trout, and lots of Sea Bass. I posted a photo of James and the Trout in the Gallery on the website. We both were using jig heads with tails. I primarily used a gulp tail and James used a ZMann tail. We fished from 7:30 to noon.

  22. To Ken Vaughan:

    I’m sorry I did not see your question regarding submerged aquatic grasses and where to find the map from the Virginia Institute of marine sciences. Here is the link:

    You can also go to and then search under submerged aquatic vegetation interactive map.
    When the map comes up, pull it apart with your fingers to are open all of the overhead photos from the Babe that have interactive submerged aquatic vegetation shown. Or you are welcome to call me at 316-304-1475 and I can help you through it.

  23. I have a follow up question from last Saturday’s meeting. One of the presenters mentioned the Submerged Aquatic Vegetation report would be a good place to see where historically there has been underwater grass. These places with grass could be good places to try to fish for speaks. Would anyone have a link to that which shows this historical info? Because the best I find is this ( and, I must be slow, but I don’t see any usable info referencing maps / locations with underwater grasses.

  24. Alex: Sorry I didn’t see your note until recently. I’m glad to help you learn some of the tricks of the trade! Call me at 316-304-1475. We were all new here once and most of us have had great fishing mentors within the club. Hope to see you ay the 7/25 meeting!

  25. Does any body willing to coach ? Have 22’ Aquasport , some tackles. Depart from private pier on Great Wickomico. New to area and new to salt water fishing, Thanks!!!!!

  26. Hey guys, anybody smart on Shimano TLD15 reels? Took mine apart for cleaning and now can’t set the drag properly (on either one!). And they Youtube guy didn’t help 😦 thanks BB

  27. Hello I am looking to purchase a couple rod and reels from one of our sponsoring tackle shops to use for Cobia fishing. I am curious from some of the members who have caught Cobia what type rod/reel setups you use and recommend. Thanks everyone.

  28. A few Sp.Macks are showing up. Caught 4 this morning so the bite is slow. All in about 60 ft. of water. They would ONLY hit a gold spoon. Also new to me, they moved the green 1GW buoy about 1 mile toward shore.
    Thought it was gone until I saw the new location going home.

  29. Lots of cobia in the Bay as of 6/15/20. Fisher rightly available most times depending on weather. If conditions allow the chum slick to flow aft enabling the beach to stay in the chum, you can expect good action. The limiting factor so far has been wind and weather.

  30. Cobia Classic Tournament started June 6 and runs the first 3 weekends of June. The Cobia bite is on! Lots of fish are out there. If you get a chance, get out and try to catch one of these great tasting fish. You won’t be disappointed. Catching one of these beauties is a wonderful experience. Make sure you bring heavy tackle, these fish are strong fighters.

  31. Looking for a single pole boat lift to hold my 16′ Carolina Skiff. Will remove from your dock if necessary.

  32. April 23 2020
    Good spec fishing on ebb tide near mouth of the Cranes creek on oysters.

  33. I tried fishing the G. Wicomico with no luck a few days ago. But I have been picking up largemouth bass in freshwater with some regularity. I’m already aware of a few large Specks caught around the Northern Neck and look forward to a good season around here.

  34. March 28
    Pond fishing foe bass, pickerel, yellow perch & crappie has been excellent this winter
    and an excellent way to get out and stay away from the crowds.
    Also the specs are showing up in local coves and creeks.
    Get out and go fishing but always follow the rules and keep you distance from fishing partners.

  35. If anybody is interested in a good company to get boating accessories, replacement parts or custom projects there is a company called Boat Outfitters that does great work and has hard to find boat parts. I have order parts from them for my Triton center console. I have also used them on a couple custom projects. They do quality work and provide quick turnaround. They can be found at

  36. Looking forward to the NNAC seminar day in Kilmarnock on April 18, 2020! Check the upcoming events page! The seminar is open to all, not just NNAC members.

  37. Fished Friday in the Rapp. RockFish are starting to school. Found rockfish on structure in abundance. Fished topwater lures and probably caught over 100 schoolies. Fish were rolling on the surface. Fish ran from 16-21″. Lot’s of small 10″ rock schooled up in the middle of the river. Saw birds working over them several times, but they did not stay up long. Some nicer fish under the little schoolies but tough to get the lure down through the little guys.

  38. Looking for someone to go spec fishing with. My place or yours. I’m near the mouth of the Piankatank.

    Bill Cosby

  39. Friday Sept. 20th specs very active in Western shore creeks. Caught 2 man limit (10) up to 22″ casting 1/4 oz jigs w/ black or imitation shrimp tails fishing the ebb tide this morning. Also catching nice pups under corks using live white shrimp.

  40. Speckled Trout are showing up in the G. Wicomico. I picked up 3 nice keepers this morning and lost a few others. I cast Gulp on a jig head around docks. I didn’t have any takers with lures today.

  41. Caught a few mackerel near Smith Point yesterday. Tried the Northern Neck Reef and only caught small bluefish. But I did run into a school of Red Drum splashing on the surface. Three rods went down. On one of my larger silver Mac lures I landed a 37″ Drum. The hooks broke off the other 2 lines. The Clark Spoon lures were still on my line when I reeled them in but the hooks were missing.

  42. Went out for 5 hours today. Caught 25, small to medium with several good size. Between G1 and windmill point reef. 2 #1 planers and long line with 2 oz in line weight. Silver, color of choice…drone and Clark. One Mack was raked by cobia as I was reeling it in.

  43. Fishing for Spanish Mackerel has been about the best I’ve ever experienced. Last Saturday (Aug. 10th), I caught a limit in 1 hour. I didn’t have to go far. There were plenty of mackerel near the mouth of the G. Wicomico between Dameron Marsh and Buoy 1.

  44. Spanish Mac fishing from Asphalt Pile to Fleets Bay and Mouth of Rappahanock off of Windmill Point continues to produce good size Spanish. Using hand line method, 50 lnb test, off of boat cleats for #1 Planers and various spoons. Also used 4 Oz in-line weights with plenty of swivels further back. Caught over 25 between in 4 hours. Not bad. This is the second trip using this method. They were eating Silver Sides up to two inches and small fry upto 1-2″. Lot’s of blues as well. Trolled 7.5 mph and above to avoid catching the blues.

  45. Had 2 keeper Cobia at the boat while chumming on Sunday but managed to loose them due to a couple of errors. Fishing for them has really picked up this past week around Windmill pt. and points northward.

    I caught a few mackerel outside the G.Wicomico a few weeks ago (earliest ever in this area). But that group seemed to move on. At least a few Macs are being picked up near Windmill and R2 .

  46. June 4th 2019
    Caught several mac’s at cell area last Sat. Expect abundance of these guys as we move into July.
    Also caught one nice cobia sight fishing while landing the mac’s.
    Expect better fishing in the future.

  47. Any suggestions where , when and how to fish yellow perch on Great Wicomico around bridge area? Thanks!!!

  48. Hello – Does anyone want to go fishing on Wednesday – 19th – Please call me 804-399-4555.

  49. Fished near Cape Charles on Dec 13 where we found lots of feeding birds and even more trolling boats. We jigged under the birds and caught a few undersized fish. Switched to trolling and caught 3 keepers and a few throwbacks. Keepers were 20″ to 23″.

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  51. Although reports from the previous day indicated plenty of birds and nice fish around the Cut Channel, I failed to find them there today. Fleets Bay had lots of birds but the 8 rockfish I caught both trolling and jigging were undersized. Nothing doing at the Northern Neck reef either. I picked up one keeper in the low 20’s under birds at the mouth of the G. Wicomico. It seems that yesterdays hot spot is hard to count on with the fish on the move..

  52. Happy Thanksgiving — Friday 11/23 jigged under massive amount of birds around the Asphalt Pile. Pulled two keepers 28″ and 22″. There were 5-7 boats chasing birds with us. Fun times. I have a photo but don’t know how to post it. Let me know how to post pics. BTW Friday was a great boating day and water temps were hovering around 50 Degrees F.

  53. Spent the day jigging under birds from Buoy 62 southward. Picked up a pair of 25 inch keeper rockfish among lots of undersized ones. Water temperature was 54 degrees after the cold spell over the past week.

  54. John Elkins, I am in for the Mid Atlantic Rockfish tournament in Cape Charles if you still have seats available. Left you voice message. Please call me to confirm.

  55. Fished 11/11 targeting Smith Point Jetty using live spot for rockfish. Limited out early < half hour. Fish size between 22 and 26. On 11/12 jigged under tons of birds north of NN reef and entrance to Potomac (#3 marker). Limited out. Fish size 25 – 28. Had to weed through tons of juveniles. Saw 1 fish brought in at Smith Point Marina 33" (Good News). This is a significant size improvement over last weekend when most fish barely reached 20". Colder weather seems to be motivating the bigger fish.

  56. Hello Members
    Today was epic on the GW. I went out about 11:00 Am during high tide. Headed towards the 200 Bridge from upstream. Caught two stripers trolling. They were just under 20″ – darn. Headed toward the first major shoal where the Red marker by the 30′ foot hole where the GW turns left as your are headed out. Tons of birds following bait fish that were being pushed up by stripers. Fish finder lit up!!!! Tons of fish below. Caught on a 3 oz Hopkins spoon – Silver. The tide was outgoing and started to move. This was around 2:00 PM. Lot’s of good fights and 3 other boats along with me. I am sure there was at least one member or maybe two. I just don’t recognize everyone yet and forgot to hale on the radio. I had to depart for an appointment, so I caught about 10 fish. on 15 casts. There were big fish but most were in the 20″ range or smaller. I figure if you can get below the smaller fish you may have a chance with the bigger ones. They all fought hard.

  57. Looking for anglers to join me to fish in the midatlantic rockfish tournament on dec6 out of cape Charles cost is approx $255 includes charter tip and entry fee

  58. Fished Little Wicomico River jetties, 10/9/18, from 13:20 to 14:45, live lining spot. Two 17.5 inch rock. Others not having much luck at this time.

  59. I hit the water for the opening day of the fall rockfish season. I held off trolling and live lining and took a couple of jigging rods.The catch of the day was a nice 38″ Red Drum jigged up on a metal lure with 15 lb. test line just outside the mouth of the G. Wicomico. I also caught grey trout up to 12″, and small flounder, sea bass & oyster toads. No rockfish today. The surface water temp was still relatively warm around 77.

  60. Went out yesterday for a few hours…6 nice Macks and few small bluefish. 2 # 1 planers, 1#2 planer, and surface long line. All produced. Mix of drones and Clark’s.

  61. Fishing has been slow for me, a Spanish mack. now and then. But it made my day Friday when I landed a 45″ red drum. Yes he lived to swim another day.

  62. At the April meeting someone spoke about a place to get your chum and bait fish close to Callao. I forgot the name of the place. Any help?

  63. The NNAC Cobia-Croaker-Flounder tournament is this weekend. Nice Croaker are scarce. Cobia is always a challenge. And, you have to be very lucky to catch a keeper Flounder. I did catch 6 undersized Cobia this week not too far from the mouth of the G. Wicomico. Although no keepers, I felt good about my catches since I was about 0 for 8 trips during June. Buzzards Pt. Marina reports scattered Spanish Mackerel are starting to show up close by.

  64. If someone is looking for one or two companions for Cobia fishing trip this week please let me know. Willing to share expenses. Email pianinomen@yahoo. com or call(text) (336) 501 0596. I am located in Norhtumberland county. Thanks. Alexander.

  65. Butler Bait &Tackle in Reedville has posted report of puppy drum and rockfish in the Great Wicomico. Has anyone direct knowledge or experience? I want to take my visiting granddaughter fishing with a reasonable chance of catching something (anything)! Thanks.

  66. Hello there. I am novice to saltwater fishing and am looking for coaching or good advice on fishing techniques, bait, equipment and spots on Great Wicomico around bridge.16 ‘ John with 25 hp Located 1 mile up from the bridge could probably take few miles down from the bridge but not to the Bay. Thanks. Alexander.. 804 288 8878.

  67. New member here!! Fished Windmill Bar for Cobia on an outgoing tide yesterday 6/24. About an hour after setting lines and my new chum basket ,which I love, I hooked and landed a 47″ Cobia that did everything it could not to get in my boat. Used Eels exclusively . I’ve noticed when I only use eel , I’m not bothered at all by the dozens of skate I see swimming about . I’ve also noticed that every time I let a Cobia freespool my line for about 8-10 seconds before tripping , it’s a good hook set and I’ve not lost one yet. Stay safe and hook em!!!

  68. It’s time cobia are finding their way north now. Some very good catches reported down at Windmill and things are heating up. We nailed a really nice new club record there today (57.6 lbs) and lost another one about that size at the boat. Put out a lot of chum and fish with bunkers only, no eels as I hate dealing with the slimy little bastards.
    Rays are prevalent but not much we can do about it.
    Boat competition during the week has not been bad. I noticed only two boats fishing at Dameron today, a Wednesday. Go get’em!

  69. Went to Windmill Pt. for the first day of the Cobia Season. Chumming produced 2 rays and one turtle estimated over 100 lbs. No Cobia.

  70. Just an FYI for the NN Reef. Had an itch to get on the water so went to the Reef. There are 100’s of crab pots near the Reef and some on the Reef. It was virtually impossible to troll, what a disappointment. Many pots also from the Reef down to 62. Cruised around and little signs of any fish. Went to Asphalt Pile and no fish. At least there were NO crab pots.

  71. During the Trophy Rockfish tournament on May 5 & 6, it seemed like a large portion of the entries came from the Potomac. The areas between buoys 7 and 9 produced some nice fish. Fish were scattered and nothing was guaranteed. But it was nice to finally see some keeper rockfish being caught by club members.

  72. Trophy Rockfish Season
    As of today only a few (very few) rockfish have been caught in the Potomac and upper Tangier Sound. I have a view of the lower Potomac from my house between Buoys 3 and 5. Hardly any boats have been fishing that area. The surface water temperature is 54 which provides some hope for improved fishing as it warms above 60. Members reports are helpful – even the no-catch information is useful.

  73. The Great Bridge Fisherman’s Association Flea Market will be held on March 10th 2018 at the Chesapeake Conference Center, Chesapeake Virginia. Call Butch on 757-287-0330 for info. I will have a double booth at the show and will be selling rods & reels, rockfish rigs, rockfish jigs etc.
    If anyone has stuff they want to unload I will pay cash and pickup. Call me on 804-435-9785.
    Its a huge show- well worthwhile for new and used tackle at fantastic low prices

  74. Had great day yesterday (12/19) . Finally! Found 3 man limit of specs up to 24″ in local creek.Call me for details.

  75. real tough day yesterday with customer out of Nominii . Frustrating knowing that “mother load” 20 miles below us! Caught one 18″ rock and went in on a cold and dreary afternoon

  76. As Bob said, its a fine time for rockfish. I managed a boat limit the last 4 times out. I’ve been fishing north of the G. Wicomico and finding fish under birds anywhere from Buoy 63A, the shipping channel near Smith Light, Buoy 65 and up the Potomac just a couple of miles. I heard of others getting bigger fish, but my trips have produced fish in the mid 30’s pretty consistently.

    Time to wind down for me despite the bite. Boat needs to be winterized and put under shelter in storage before Christmas. Good luck to those who stick it out until the new year.

  77. Great Bridge Fishermn’s Flea Market will be held on March 10, 2018 at the Chesapeake Conference Center Chesapeake Virginia, Call Butch Pierce for info. 757-287-0330. or Bob Reed 8004-435-9785

  78. Tough time of year-with bad weather and busy time before Christmas. Its driving me crazy with the knowledge that massive schools of strimers have moved down on us! Great reports from contacts on the Potomac, personal experiences near RP buoy, fantastic reports from Captains fishing the cut, etc.

  79. fished yesterday out of Dividing creek. Wide open on stripers from 18″ to 35″ feeding heavy on falling tide. Jigged up 3 man limit in minutes and left them flopping. Spotted the fish feeding on the surface while jigging on structure. About 2 miles north of “RP” on the Eastern side near the 54/79 conture line.

  80. I managed 2 keeper rockfish today, 26″ and 27″. They were caught trolling around Buoy 65. One was picked up on a Stretch, the other on my downrigger. Back at the dock I saw a 44″ being weighed in. They said it was caught trolling near Smith Pt. Light.

  81. Would like to see more fishing reports here. After all its a member only place and with the fish constantly on the move it would be very helpful to members.
    BTW great fishing lately up near #12 on the Rap!

  82. I fished the tournament with Tom Smith. We caught a couple of keepers around buoy 65 with the largest going 28″. There were a ton of boats all over the mouth of the Potomac with the majority closer to buoy 70 today. We picked up several short rockfish and boated another keeper just over 28″ on the way back, not far from buoy 62.

  83. As usual was overly optomistic yesterday after hearing glowing reports of wide open striper fishing at the mouth of the Potomac.started out slow as we experienced wall-to-wall boats from the point to point no point. Hoked up on several shorts and finally a keeper. Headed back to the Eastern side and smacked a 30+ incher and then a monster on a WFB Eddie fought fish for 20-30 minutes only to have the main line snap.Eddie entered to 30″ fish in the tournament- hoping to salvage something out of the day!

  84. Watched bird shows multiple days over the past week from my house on lower Potomac. Birds were around Buoy 65 area and attracted 7-10 boats..
    Went on Midnight Sun charter on 11/20. He found birds with his radar. Mostly undersized rockfish on the surface but our 9 person group caught a limit of keepers underneath using in-line weights up to 32 oz., trolling 5″ tandem shads and umbrellas.

  85. Tried to repeat Wednesday’s catch on Saturday with no luck. Suspect mother load has moved down river. May try Friday and Sat after Thanksgiving. Any suggestions?

  86. Change first name to Bob1
    Look for big bird show-close to shore on Middlesex side in14 to 20 feet. Best bait- umbrella with 5″ white shads & small bucktails

  87. Had slow start but great ending on yesterday’s trip on Rap. When ebb kicked off early afternoon stripers to 30″ bit hard up river. Got limit of 6 within 30 minutes. Only one throw back.

  88. Fished twice this week as the weather allowed. Some small rockfish in the G. Wicomico. Lots more small rockfish jigging at the Northern Neck Reef, Asphalt Pile and under birds. Keeper size rockfish are around but harder to come by. I’m still picking up a few bluefish in the mix. Others that I have talked with have been trolling and picking up mostly undersized rockfish so far.

  89. Had what i considered a pretty good day yesterday. Fished the NNR with 2 buds. We caught about 50 blues (keep the legal limit of 30), caught about a dozen stripers but only one keeper. Also caught about 15 black sea bass. We were chumming and using light spinning tackle. Was a beautiful day.

  90. Congratulations to Tom Smith for his recent Virginia citation, Best of Species and NNAC club record catches while light tackle fishing in the lower Rappahannock – (1) six lb puppy drum on September 23 (new Club record) (2) five lb eleven ounces speckled trout on October 8 (Virginia citation and new club record as of that date) and (3) eight lb one ounce speckled trout on October 11 (Virginia citation and new club record).

  91. Oct. 3, my son was here for a visit. Went fishing but not a good day. 2 hours on NN reef, caught 1 small rock fish. Then 2 hours around Smith Point, caught 1 small blue fish.

  92. There are still some Cobia around. Fishing near the G. Wicomico today, I hooked one undersized one and another keeper size. Both threw the hook as I kept hitting them in the head with the net (tried to net with one hand and hold the rod with the other). A couple or rays added to the mix.

  93. Spent this morning chasing Spanish Mackerel with Ben Ames and Tom Hedgpeth. We picked up 6 and lost another. Several bluefish added to the mix. Fished the Northern Neck Reef.

  94. Cobia fishing was slow today with the adverse weather. I believe there was only one legal size Cobia entry in the Bay Bash tournament based at the Ingram Bay marina. It was caught while trolling near the Cut Channel. A couple of undersized Cobia were caught/released closer to the G. Wicomico. The releases counted for the Youth and Women categories.

  95. Chummed for cobia on Sunday morning with Ben Ames and on Sunday afternoon with my wife and great granddaughter. Fished with cut bait and eels in the morning, boating and releasing a 26 inch cobia on cut bait. Fished with cut bait, eel and baby spot in the afternoon, catching and releasing a 34 inch cobia on spot and a cownose ray on cut bait. Anchored in the morning on a ledge between Dameron Marsh and Windmill Point and in the afternoon between the GW River and Smith Point Light.

  96. Got out in the Rapp for a few hours a couple of days ago for some bottom fishing. Fished the spike with bloodworms and cut bait. Caught 12 #2 spot and a lot of bait size ones as well as a bunch of small sharks (2-3Ft). Also caught a lot of small gray trout. No #1 spot yet. Steady action but not hot and heavy.

  97. Charter boat yesterday caught 35 nice bluefish trolling at the SW Middle Grounds in Maryland waters. No mackerel. Paulette and I took our six year old great granddaughter on her first fishing trip for Spanish mackerel on Thursday morning. Boated 4 nice mackerel, the largest 23 inches 2 lbs 7 ozs. No bluefish. Mackerel caught trolling at the NN Reef in 40-50 feet.

  98. This is another attempt to make a comment. My earlier post was somehow deleted.”

    Have had numerous reports of great Cobia catches between Windmill Point and Dameron Marsh. Also good catches of Mackeral and Blues at 62 and above and on eastern side of Bay But action for Spanish and blues from Windmill point and Dividing Creek is zip. I can normally load up on both at Fleets Bav, just north of Windmill Point. What’s going on? Are Cobia eating or scaring away other species in that area?

  99. My daughter and I had a great 2 days of fishing for cobia at Dameron Marsh on 7/31 and 8/1. We boated a total of 7 cobia with 2 keepers at 42″ & 44″. We lost one at the boat (over 50″). We also caught 6 sharks and over 15 skates.

  100. This late again. I fished the NNR and Bouy 62 31 July – Pretty successful day caught a total of 7 Spanish Mackerel. But the real big deal for me at least was I caught a 4 lb 8 oz, 27 inch Mackerel which is a citation in Va. Caught on a pink Clark spoon going from the west to the east (deep water to about 30 foot of water. Really thought I had hooked a cobia or a big blue and didn’t realize it was a Mackerel until it was right at the boat.

  101. A couple of small additions to Jan’s excellent report today. Spanish were more active early this morning. Air temp 70 degrees. High tide at 7:00 AM. Best fishing in 1 ft chop during the first 3 hours of falling tide. Feeding activity slowed somewhat as morning progressed, sun rose in a cloudless sky. Best fishing with #2 planer, gold Clark spoon (although we took fish on #1’s and a couple on a #3, chartreuse Clarks and small Drones of pink, green).

  102. Ben Ames and I trolled around the Asphalt Pile, Buoy 62, and the Northern Neck Reef. I believe the total was 11 Spanish (a few were lost) and just 3-4 bluefish. All colors spoons worked.

  103. Beautiful day but a late start. Buoy 62. North and south. Water temp 77. Didn’t get out till 9 AM. 3 bites. One Spanish in the boat. Rerig and try again in AM.

  104. Wes Werling Says:
    Another great day on the Bay. One 48 inch Cobia in great weather July 28th. Went with Bob “Backlash” Waterman and Skeeter Penley. think we will put Cobia aside for a while and go for mackerel

  105. 7-30-2017. As pretty a day as I can remember. The wind will drop out this week. Fish will be caught.

  106. Went out for a couple of hours this morning, Trolled south of 62 along eastern edge of channel. 2 lines on #1 planers with gold Clark spoons. 6 macks and no bluefish.

  107. Ben Ames and I fished for Cobia out of the G. Wicomico, We managed 1 keeper Cobia and several undersize ones. About 4-5 rays added to the mix. Ben’s keeper was 44 inches and 30 lbs.

  108. We trolled the Northern Neck Reef area this morning (along with about a dozen other boats). Several mackerel were caught and no bluefish. We headed in by mid morning with 2 ft.+ waves pounding.

  109. John O’Connor and I targeted Spanish Mackerel for several hours on Tuesday afternoon (7/18) between Buoy 62 and the Northern Neck Reef. We ended up with 7 mackerel up to 21 inches and 8 bluefish. A 29″ Cobia also hit a Clark spoon. We handled 4 lines with both #1 and #2 planers. All colors of Clark and Drone spoons produced.

  110. My wife and I left the marina Sunday morning (7/16) planning to anchor and chum for cobia. Seas were two feet when we entered the Bay so we decided to troll for spanish mackerel and bluefish until the waves laid down. Trolled three lines, two #1 planers and a #2 planer, with clark and drone spoons between Buoy 62 and the Northern Neck Reef. I add an additional #2 planer to the spread when the waves are one foot or less. Boated 2 spanish, 4 bluefish and a 26 inch cobia (released) while trolling. In the afternoon, we anchored and chummed near Tangier Island. Caught a 32 inch cobia (released), one cownose ray and another bluefish while chumming.

  111. A little late, but went out Sunday for a few hours. Fished off of buoy 62 and NN Reef. Caught 10 really nice size blues and one Spanish.Was by myself and loss 6-8 fish trying to get them to the boat. Had doubles several times. Used 2 #1 Planers with Clark Spoons pink color and 2 #2 Planers with Drone Spoons one gold the other silver with white flash. Dropped lines about 0630 and pulled them at 11:30. Was an enjoyable day.

  112. Frank Lewis says:

    Going out tomorrow, July 19 with visiting son and family. Question: Any action for blues and/or mackerel on western side of Bay? I understand there has been some catch on eastern side. Would appreciate response.

  113. Skeeter Penley, Larry Williams and I went on a charter trip June 26 (60 miles) out of VA Beach on the Backlash. Trolled all day and boated 5 Yellowfin tuna between 30 and 40 pounds.. Weather was great. Capt. Steve and his mate did a great job.

  114. Fished on Capt Billy Pipkin’s boat with Brian McMenamin and his 2 sons this morning at Dameron Marsh and caught 3 cobias (52″, 49″ & 40″) and 2 rays. We chummed and used both live spots and cut bait. The fish were caught approximately 1 hour before low tide.

  115. Jan Jamrog and I and fished the western channel edge east of Dividing Creek today. Anchored up around 3:30pm and fished until 7:30pm. Chummed top and bottom with four rods out, two with five ounce sinkers on the bottom and the other two free floating off the transom, all with cut menhaden bait. Also chunked menhaden. Hooked six Cobia and boated five – two keepers at 50 inches/41 lbs (Jan) and 41 inches (me) and three released at 35, 33 and 28 inches. No cownose rays this trip.

  116. Barrett Roy, Mark Roy and I fished just south of the NNK reef to buoy 62 on the evening of 6/24/17 and the morning of 6/25 aboard my Parker. We trolled spoons, bucktails and sight fished from the cobia tower. The light was difficult so we were unable to spot any fish but we did pick up 3 smaller bluefish and a ray with small Clark spoons (ray was snagged).
    On the morn of 6/25, we anchored and fished for cobia using Jan’s special super secret Virginia Pride chum, used cut bunkers for bait. Sea state was 1-2 ft then built even further. We caught two rays but gave it up by 11:00 AM due to deteriorating wind/tide conditions.

  117. I fished at Dameron Marsh in the last 2 days and caught a 46″ on Sunday and a 35″ yesterday. i used live spots both times.

  118. Hope Andrew had some success. I couldn’t make it that day. I did get out yesterday with John O’Connor chumming near Smith Pt. No Cobia. Saw a little action from a couple of cownose rays.

  119. I will be spending a lot of time down here moving forward and are looking for fishing partners. My house is on the Great Wicomico (near Horn Harbour) and I have a 30′ Grady. Please contact me if you are interested to join me. I am planning to fish for Cobia this Friday, 6/16. My cell is 202 345 0341.

  120. My wife and I fished Windmill Point on Friday June 9. Anchored up around 8:30am and fished until 2:30pm. Chummed top and bottom with four rods out, two with five ounce sinkers on the bottom and the other two free floating off the transom, all with cut menhaden bait. Also chunked menhaden during the day. Caught five Cobia, two keepers at 41 and 40 inches and three released at 34, 32 and 26 inches. Also boated and released 8 cownose rays. Fished Windmill Point again on Sunday afternoon June 11 without only 2 cownose rays boated and released.

  121. I tried chumming for Cobia by picking a slight drop off south of Smith Pt. on Saturday. A couple of rays put up a great fight but I did not catch the targeted fish.

  122. Chartered the Heritage 29 May with 9 grandkids and some dads. Caught 36 stripers some throw backs but many keepers. He is currently moored in Lewisetta and will return to Buzzard’s Point marina late June. I do about 5 charters per year (for another club) with Capt Dave Fisher and mate Mark and they are great. Been fishing with them 5 years.

  123. Picked up 4 keeper Spanish just South of 1R today. Several throwback and lost one at the boat. Bait was hard to find, but when it showed on the ff, Spanish or bluefish bite was consistent.

  124. Went out on June 2nd, drifted for croaker along the channel edge between northern Neck reef and #62. Picked up a couple small weakfish and a puffer but that was it. Weather was perfect though.

  125. Jan Jamrog, Ben Ames and I fished Windmill Point on June 1, the opening day of Cobia season in Virginia. We were anchored and had the chum flowing by 7am. Fished until 1:30pm. I boated a 57 inch 54 lbs Cobia with the help of Jan and Ben to get it in the boat. Jan boated one 41 inches 23 lbs. Ben caught and released a 26 inch one and a large cownose ray. Weather was beautiful and the water calm on opening day.

  126. I bought some chum today to package and store in the freezer for use later. Chum prices are up due to demand and low Menhaden harvests. I got mine ground (in my own 5 gal. bucket) at the dock in Reedville for $20. But another alternative is the Price of Virginia plant in Callao. Right now they are selling cases of chum for $25. A case is 6 blocks of ground and frozen menhaden chum. Each block is 7 lbs.

  127. During the May 21 NNAC tournament, I fished with John Elkin on his boat (in the middle of the Potomac, about 10 miles up river from Lewisetta). We managed to get a couple of keepers among multiple undersize rockfish. Larry Hartzler, and Art Nickerson made good company on the trip.

  128. This option is being made available to Northern Neck Anglers Club members on a trial basis for 60 days commencing May 24, 2017. The option will be evaluated at the end of 60 days to determine if it is useful to members and should continue as a permanent feature of the club’s website. John O’Connor

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