Welcome to the Northern Neck Anglers Club (NNAC) site. The NNAC is the only fishing club in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula of Virginia devoted to saltwater anglers that fish in the Chesapeake Bay. Whether trolling with live or artificial baits, live lining with eels or spot, chumming/chunking or bottom fishing, the NNAC is your source for tips, tactics and techniques used to target Rockfish, Cobia, Spanish Mackerel, Bluefish, Speckled Trout, Flounder, Croaker or Red Drum, in the middle/lower area of the Chesapeake bay. We don’t bore you with monthly meetings on club financials or administrative nonsense but overwhelm you with fishing information you can really use to catch trophy size fish. We offer fishing tournaments, club charters, seminars and social gatherings as means to share angling knowledge. We have a flexible tournament format to fit everyone’s schedule. Tournament participation is our primary hands-on method of maximizing knowledge transfer. Although tournaments are fun, exciting and competitive, boating safety is first and foremost and a key element of our tournaments. Without boating safety there would be no tournaments. We offer a lifetime of angling knowledge in return for a small affordable annual membership fee. Feel free to scan the site to learn more about our club and how it can make you become a better saltwater angler.